• November 21, 2013

Being Oriented towards Christ!

By Brittany K.

Orientation lit­er­ally means the state of being ori­ented. I was impressed with Heart’s Home’s ori­en­ta­tion, because I felt myself lit­er­ally being ori­ented-ori­ented towards Christ. Orientation is meant to orient you towards the mis­sion life you are com­mit­ting to and it did just that. Depth, devo­tion, and full­ness are the three words that sum up my 2-week ori­en­ta­tion pro­gram at Heart’s Home.

Depth. Devotion. Fullness. There is a deep devo­tion involved with Heart’s Home. There is a devo­tion to prayer, to com­pas­sion, to obe­di­ence, to poverty, to chastity, to our com­mu­nity, to our neigh­bor­hoods, to the mis­sion at hand, and to our loving Savior. There is depth to the dis­cus­sions, to the inten­tions, and to the mis­sion life lived. And the 2 weeks is full of life, chal­lenges, learning, cul­ture, art, and friend­ships.

Daily ado­ra­tion is not part of my normal daily rou­tine, and I found it to be a time of spir­i­tual growth as well as an incred­ibly rich time with Jesus. Daily ado­ra­tion is one reason ori­en­ta­tion was a time of ori­enting me fur­ther towards Christ. “I am with you always, until the end of the age” is the verse that kept reoc­cur­ring in my mind throughout my time in Brooklyn (Mathew 28:20). This verse and reality sunk in fur­ther and left me amazed. He is quite lit­er­ally always with us in the Eucharist, even until the end of the ages, and this is no small thing but the greatest of all bless­ings.

The Holy Spirit is truly at work in the Heart’s Home family overall. I am grateful to be part of His beau­tiful and exciting move­ments within Heart’s Home.

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