• December 20, 2012

May Every Day be Christmas, a New Christmas

© Golden Countenance,
Makoto Fujimura

From Rev. Thierry de Roucy’s homily at the St James Cathedral
on December 19th

It has been weeks,
It has been months,
It has been years,
It has been cen­turies
that this cry of ours has been mounting up:
“Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down!”
We cry for a Savior, we cry for a Presence.

In New York City, our city, this cry is ever-pre­sent:
Some cry out loud;
Some others cry silently, in the depths of their hearts:
a cry nobody hears any more.
They all await a Visitation;
Every single of their days is a day of Advent…
May they all become days of Christmas, days of Visitation!

May the Christ Child find a home in our hearts!

We wish you a Christmas of Merriment
and a New Year of wonderment.

Heart’s Home USA

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