• July 25, 2012

Gardeners who believe in the victory of life

"Every day we try to detect some kind of life, a rebirth. This is our pas­sion; the pas­sion of every Heart’s Home: we want to be poor gar­deners looking out for small shoots; we want to believe, despite all oppo­si­tion, in the vic­tory of life; we want to believe that the everyday love and care can create mir­a­cles…"
Extract from “Should we Cut the Hydrangeas?”

On Friday July 20th our Brooklyn com­mu­nity received the visit and pre­cious help from 25 young ladies from the Regnum Christi com­mu­nity. A time to share, to pray together and ... to do some gar­dening!

Indeed, the St. Michael-St. Edwards parish where our rec­tory is sit­u­ated has been closed for 2 years now, bringing on nos­talgia and sad­ness to many neigh­bors.
What a joy to their hearts to see the weeds being removed, the thrash the wind blows in being col­lected, some plants being pruned, some flowers blos­soming!

Thank you, girls for your help, which brings beauty to the eyes and joy to the hearts!

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