• October 13, 2011

September 17 : “A Spirit-filled moment
in the life of the Church”

Msgr. John Strynkowski, Rector of the St. James Cathedral Basilica in Brooklyn, honored us by con-cel­e­brating Melanie Delesalle’s final com­mit­ment Mass at the ICCC.

“In the midst of the rou­tine of daily pas­toral life, there are extraor­di­nary moments of Church life that remain mem­o­rable for a long time. Such a moment for me was September 17, the day of Melanie Delesalle’s final com­mit­ment as a Lay Consecrated within the Heart’s Home Movement.

There was a chilly breeze from time to time that day in the hills of Woodbourne, but under the tent where we gath­ered for the Eucharist and Melanie’s promises, there was the warm, life-giving breath of the Holy Spirit, evi­dent in the elo­quent homily given by Fr. Thierry, the joy on Melanie’s face as she made her com­mit­ment, and in the prayerful spirit with which the entire assembly par­tic­i­pated in the Mass, espe­cially through song.

The pres­ence of the Holy Spirit con­tinued to be man­i­fested in the hos­pi­tality extended to us by all the mem­bers of Heart’s Home, by the won­derful con­ver­sa­tions among friends, and by the fel­low­ship of the abun­dant lunch offered to us.

I con­tinue to cherish and savor the memory of that day. I am grateful to have expe­ri­enced such a Spirit-filled moment in the life of the Church, a moment of great faith, hope and love.”

Msgr. John Strynkowski
St. James Cathedral Basilica, Brooklyn

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