• March 23, 2015

An Argentinian afternoon
at the ICCC

by Jane and Cliff Johnson

"On March 1, a snowy Sunday morning, a diverse group of hardy guests gath­ered at the ICCC for a “Yummy Argentinean Brunch”. Who could resist such an invi­ta­tion, knowing that Sister Diana would have been cooking del­i­ca­cies such as empanadas late into the night, and Sister Blandine and Fr. Alex would attend to all the inviting details awaiting us? Natalia was our charming and infor­ma­tive MC as we learned more about Argentina than most of us knew before: the tra­di­tion of drinking mate, with sam­pling; singing tra­di­tional songs together, such at Ojos de Cielo;seeing a visual pre­sen­ta­tion of the beau­tiful country itself, with a sur­prise ending of a photo of Pope Francis; and a tra­di­tional dance in which Natalia called out the steps while Fr. Alex (in a red cape!) and Sister Diana moved grace­fully to the music. Wonderful!
Viva Argentina! Viva Heart’s Home!"

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