• September 19, 2014

Our Lady of Sorrows,
Our Mother of all Consolation

As it is now a tra­di­tion, every Heart’s Home center around the world became a pil­grim on the weekend around September 15t to honor our Patron Saint, Our Lady of Compassion and Consolation.

On our way back from Her Shrine, we - the American pil­grims- shared the graces and bless­ings bestowed on us during the day. These were some of them:

  • “Thank you Mother for all the graces received this day; for the warmth I felt in my heart when the Ave Maria was sung. I felt your Presence so close; my spirit was overcome with joy.”
  • “Thank you Mother for taking all of my requests before your Son, my Lord, you have been most kind and caring of me.”
  • “Thank you Mother Mary for the consolation and the concrete help you provide every time I’m in pain and distress. You trully are a loving Mother !”
  • “ Thank you, Mother, for a nice safe trip, because I could confess today and make new friends.”
  • “Thank you Mother! Because when I got here today, such a heavy burden was on my heart, but upon beholding you with the dead body of your child, upon contemplating how much you suffered together with your Son as He underwent His passion to save us, I realized to what extend me problems are small. You were standing at the Foot of the Cross, you had faith in the Father. Likewise, I need to trust Him, even if He does not solve all my problems. Thank you, Mother, for consoling me today.”
  • “Thank you Mother for the recovery of health today.”
  • “ It was beautiful to see soo many people from different backgrounds have so much love for Mamma Mary. I am so grateful for all you have done in my life, all the friends you have given me and introducing me to Heart’s Home.”
  • “Thank you Mother for Heart’s Home and their wonderful gift to the world, making all of our lives better.”
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