• January 13, 2011

Natalia Fassano, Secretary, Dir. of Missionary Program

She grad­u­ated from school in Argentina with a degree in Education and Foreign Languages. She worked in this field for sev­eral years. She joined Heart’s Home for the first time as a mis­sionary in Italy in 2004-2005. She then went back to Argentina where, apart from pursing her teaching career, she worked part-time as Assistant of the Communication Director for the Argentinian Heart’s Home HQ. She also helped the Recruitment Directors with the training and follow-up of Argentinian vol­un­teers.

She went on with another two-and-a-half-year mis­sion in Sao Paolo, Brazil. In February 2008, she became a Permanent Member of Heart’s Home. Then she com­pleted a one-year Program in Philosophy and Theology in France. During her stay in France, she joined the Heart’s Home Communication and Event Management Team and was also involved in the training of French vol­un­teers.

She joined Heart’s Home USA in December 2010. Since then she has been in charge of the Organization’s database, and Communication Tools such as the Heart’s Home USA Website, the monthly newslet­ters, the Volunteer’s blogs and reg­ular updates to Sponsors, the coor­di­na­tion and devel­op­ment of tes­ti­mo­nials and press-releases. She fol­lows up with the American Volunteers’ prac­tical and spir­i­tual prepa­ra­tion for mis­sion before depar­ture, during and after mis­sion abroad and fol­lows up with their spon­sors. She orga­nizes Testimonial Trips in parishes, prayer groups and schools. She is also very involved in the Reaching out Program in Brooklyn’s housing pro­jects and nursing homes.

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