• March 14, 2013

My roadmap?
Finding out the Lord’s plan
for Heart’s Home in the States

Aude, Alex M. & Fr. Mike Sepp
at the onset of the
Heart’s Home adventure
in the States

By Aude H., first Heart’s Home Member to arrive in the States

“On April 22, 2003, which was also Easter Tuesday, I landed in New York with my small suit­case, a few dol­lars, and a desire: to open a Heart’s Home center in ‘the cap­ital of the world.’

I was only 23 and I had never been to the U.S. before. My com­mand of English was rather patchy, and I did not know anyone in New York. I had a sketched map of the city on a piece of paper and said: “Here’s Manhattan, here’s the Bronx, here’s Brooklyn & Queens… let’s see where the Lord sends us.” This was my roadmap: to try and find out what the Lord’s plan for Heart’s Home was.

It did not take long for Him to show us how much He wanted Heart’s Home to come to New York. I remember mar­veling, “WOW, the divine Providence must be American - as it is so effi­cient!” Within a few weeks, and with the help of dozens of friends who encoun­tered the charism of Heart’s Home, the Lord made it happen. Fr Michael Sepp, pastor of St. Francis of Assisi in the Bronx wel­comed us in his parish and lent us a house; an attorney took care of incor­po­rating Heart’s Home and filing for our first visas on a pro bono basis; friends took care of fur­nishing the house… Everything was ready for our first team of mis­sion­aries: Sr. Blandine & (now Fr.) Alexandre, who joined me in the fall of 2003.

We cel­e­brated our very first Thanksgiving together, in awe of what the Lord had done for us. And this was only the begin­ning… we had no idea how much more he was going to do for Heart’s Home and through Heart’s Home in America, throughout the 10 years that fol­lowed!"

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