• May 28, 2014

My new apostolate: my home!

by Olivia DaSilva - Alumnus India 2006-2008

“Our home is no longer the same as it once was. There are dishes in the sink, laundry to be done and toys to be put away con­stantly. This is not the spot­less home we once had was but rather, the well lived in home of a family. Despite the chores that await each night, there is a joy here which has added a new level of hap­pi­ness to our lives ever since our daughter Clare was born, 21 months ago.

When I reflect on my expe­ri­ence in mis­sion, I believe that my time in India has pre­pared me to be a better mother. Being truly pre­sent to our friends, expe­ri­encing the poverty of lan­guage and learning to embrace the change the Holy Spirit brings (because sched­ules still don’t go as planned) are the lessons I con­tinue to draw from each day. My heart is totally open for Clare and I am rewarded by the hap­pi­ness I see in her when we spend time together. Her smile brings me joy and I con­tinue to grow in my new apos­to­late: my home.”

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