• February 12, 2011

My eyes have opened up! - Testimony of a former volunteer

’The little ones are our teachers’

Many have asked me since my return, “How was your time in Peru?” I can’t help but wonder how to qualify such an expe­ri­ence. In truth, it was hard, but it was also one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I was given the oppor­tu­nity to expe­ri­ence Christ is His little ones, in my brothers and sis­ters of com­mu­nity, and in the poor suf­fering souls in my neigh­bor­hood. I was given the gift to be changed by His gaze in each one of them and to begin to live from an honest expe­ri­ence of Christ and not from my mis­taken Christian ide­alism.

Since I’ve returned, I see that my time with Christ in his poverty has opened my eyes to the suf­fering of so many here as well. At times, it over­whelms me and I scream inside that I am inca­pable of responding to His call, that I am inca­pable of giving these people what they truly need. Yet I know that Christ is capable and that I must simply let His gaze be my gaze...that I must take up my fail­ings and ask for­give­ness for my mis­takes and for­give in kind. I must take what I receive first from Him, and give it to those who also thirst as I do for the one thing, the only thing, that we all need: The Love of God.

Tim H.

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