• October 22, 2014

My encounter with an amazing Youth Group

by Denis, Heart’s Home friend and sponsor

“I have trav­eled to New York from afar, and I have long been yearning to meet the Heart’s Home Youth Group. Their names - Ray, Junior, Bruce, Ely and Marionel - are very impor­tant to me, as are their sto­ries, their pro­jects, and their dreams.

I had formed some ideas in my head about the life of teens in Brooklyn Housing Projects: they know the street, they lack a raising struc­ture and sup­port, life must have cer­tainly not been too kind on them and society has set them aside.

Now, what I had in front of my eyes, were young men speaking of abun­dance, encour­aging one another, young men wanting to start up enter­prises, to start a family and care for it with all their love, young men desiring to see the world and being open to it, young men sup­porting each other and man­i­festing the need they have for each other’s friend­ship, young men willing to get involved in helping build a venue in upstate New York. I see young men beaming with life and a good sense of humor. Youth who have always been warmly wel­comed at the Heart’s Home Centers in Brooklyn and in Woodbourne. Welcomed with open arms: exactly the same way I am myself wel­comed in Brooklyn and in Woodbourne. They know - we know!- that they are expected and loved here.

It was such an amazing evening! It was abso­lutely worth to make the long trip to come meet them.

That, God willing, I will see them again is a very dear desire of mine. And if you ever get the chance, try and meet these guys ... they will warm your heart forever. And how can I forget to men­tion Julian and Tom who are now accom­pa­nying the group? They are both deep and gen­erous hearts and I also hope to see them again. God bless them all!”

A trav­eler thrilled with this won­derful encounter

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