• February 15, 2012

My Heart Opened Up to the American People

9/11 Memorial in NYC

by Anne Gallot, Heart’s Home Permanent Member

Back home in France, after having spent two and a half weeks in New York, I feel only thank­ful­ness for all I expe­ri­enced there. Those few days allowed me to live a mir­acle: my heart opened up a bit more to a cul­ture, to a people!

Since the moment I arrived, even though every­thing was new, I really felt at home. Every street in New York reminded me of all those American series we can see on the Frech tele­vi­sion. But what really helped me feel home indeed were two things :

On the one hand, the fact of spending those few days with friends (the mem­bers of the American Heart’s Home) who love the land and the people who live there, spared me many a bias. Through my ques­tioning, some­times silently, I was imme­di­ately inserted into their deep and respectful gaze.

On the other hand, a shock: the shock of suf­fering. By vis­iting the 9/11 Memorial, I had been par­tic­u­larly immersed into the suf­fering of a whole nation, into the suf­fering of our time, into the suf­fering that has nei­ther place nor time… And this horror of the absurd, of death, of incom­pre­hen­sion, of lone­li­ness, is my suf­fering; it is the suf­fering of all of my friends in Brazil, in France or in Switzerland; it is the suf­fering which makes me cry towards the Lord. This empti­ness bears wit­ness to my thirst for His loving Presence. Through this expe­ri­ence in NYC, I came to under­stand that always and every­where He is, and in Him I am home every­where and always.

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