• June 21, 2012

My Friends’ Faces are Buried in My Heart

Jessica and Margaret

By Amy Koreski, Heart’s Home Spokane, WA

“The change of sea­sons has been filled with a myriad of bit­ter­sweet changes at Heart’s Home St. Ignatius. Jessica and Margaret grad­u­ated along with all of the class of 2012. We said goodbye to many friends. Many friends we look for­ward to seeing again when the leaves begin to fall and tell us that school is starting again. Many other friends go on to great adven­tures and we hope that, while they were at GU this year, they found a place to put their heart. It was a time of goodbye and at the same time sending forth.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke at grad­u­a­tion inspiring us all by exclaiming how amazing it is that the all-pow­erful God always waits for human col­lab­o­ra­tion. Mary’s yes was free! In Heart’s Home we must try to say yes to be God’s hands, God’s eyes, and most impor­tantly, God’s heart.

To live Heart’s Home on a col­lege campus is to very often, “re­joice with those who are rejoicing.” I am con­tin­u­ally inspired by the enthu­siasm and love I am shown by these stu­dents and while it is hard to watch them leave, I am thrilled to know that little hearts, little points, little homes are spreading out more and more into the US and the world.”

“No one can come out of Heart’s Home unharmed,
because no one can come out of any love story unharmed”

Heart’s Home founder

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