• May 28, 2014

Mother’s Day: Celebrating Compassion

"Heart’s Home vol­un­teers don’t end their Heart’s Home mis­sion. It is some­thing that we will live for the rest of our lives. Heart’s Home, as I’m quickly learning, is a school of love. Loving is some­thing essen­tial to life. It’s not like learning to dig wells or build houses in which case once you’re done you don’t nec­es­sarily keep those skills in prac­tice. An “edu­ca­tion” in love is a very con­crete “tool” that applies to abso­lutely every­thing and everyone. Love has a lasting affect on the person, the soul." (Jennifer Garry - vol­un­teer in the Ukraine)

Doubtless, this edu­ca­tion in love is one of the greatest prepara­tory stages for a voca­tion to moth­er­hood.
With these two tes­ti­mo­nials, we want to honor and greet all the won­derful American mothers we know. God bless you all!

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