• July 12, 2014

A Mission in my own country

by Gaby Franchois, alumnus Honduras 2012-2014

This last month of May, Gaby F., Melanie D. (Heart’s Home Brooklyn) and Katie (alumni from Ecuador) had the oppor­tu­nity to dis­cover the Pacific Northwest, specif­i­cally the state of Washington, and give tes­ti­mony to their life- changing expe­ri­ences with Heart’s Home.

“While a large part of our goal was to be able to meet with large groups of people to get the word out about Heart’s Home, we found that Providence pro­vided us with a handful of per­sonal encoun­ters that helped us delve deeper into under­standing the impor­tance of Christian fel­low­ship and friend­ships. We were shown a level of hos­pi­tality in Seattle by someone that we only knew through three degrees of sep­a­ra­tion, who lit­er­ally wel­comed us with open arms to stay in her home and was so excited to share with us our three day expe­ri­ence in Seattle. She showed us all around her Presbyterian church, demon­strating to us the hos­pi­tality and care that exists within her own Christian com­mu­nity and shared with us her own capacity and simul­ta­neous need to love and be loved. We met an old friend of mine just to share dinner with him. We were able to speak one-on-one to a couple of people at the University of Washington Newman Center.

Taking this trip just weeks after returning from my year and a half in Honduras with Heart’s Home, I was again reminded of our mis­sion of fra­ternal charity in my own country, the value of being pre­sent to the encoun­ters with what and who God pre­sents us. I was amazed at the way that we started the entire trip with our plans and our goals, and were sur­prised in com­pletely unex­pected ways to see Christ in the encoun­ters that He wanted us to have. It is the same way I often felt on mis­sion in Honduras, giving me this beau­tiful rev­e­la­tion that my mis­sion of living a com­pas­sionate pres­ence did not end as I got on the plane back to the US. We all left Seattle feeling as though the meet­ings we did have were with people who will wel­come us back, giving the oppor­tu­nity for Heart’s Home to find more homes in more hearts.”

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