• January 6, 2012

More about the St Maximilien Kolbe Fraternity

To summarize one could say that the Fraternity is:

A charism: Compassion

A charism is a grace of the Holy Spirit and is a response to a specific need in the Church today. For Heart’s Home this grace is Compassion. “I ask you to join Mary along the “via Crucis” and at the foot of her Son’s cross. It doesn’t matter that you can’t join her phys­i­cally; the impor­tant thing is to go and dwell in her heart. The mis­sion of a Missionary is nothing but to stand here and to share the suf­fer­ings of the people, to con­sole them, to offer them the most beau­tiful loving smile. To quote this won­derful sen­tence of Pope Paul VI, the mis­sion is “to be in the center of the Church, just like a manometer, an instru­ment that gauges the pres­sure, the wounds of the Christ’s body, let’s say of the suf­fering humanity”. Thus “We are con­vinced that our com­pas­sion con­soles the humanity that goes through this long pas­sion” (March 27th 1964.)” (At the foot of the cross stood Mary, Father Thierry de Roucy)

A family

To live out our Christian faith, we need friends; we need a place that we can call home in the Church. In acknowl­edging Heart’s Home as your family, you enter in its his­tory. You will also have a place where you can ask your ques­tions, share your joy s and sor­rows, ask for help and find encour­age­ment on the journey towards Christ. “In­deed, there is little pro­gress, nor hope, nor joy without this mutual sup­port, which pushes us to go beyond our fears. Encouragements from people around us mul­tiply our strength. We need others, many others to believe in our smallest pro­jects – such as a new recipe, a del­i­cate letter… - and in our most formidable ones – such as the gift of one­self in mar­riage or to reli­gious life, the foun­da­tion of a new com­pany, or a child’s adop­tion…”

A School of Christian Life

In order to become more and more aware of our bap­tismal voca­tion, we need to go back to school, we need to find men­tors that can help us center our lives on Christ.

“For­ma­tion is the priv­i­leged envi­ron­ment in which the var­ious move­ments and com­mu­ni­ties express their charisms. (…) It develops within small Christian com­mu­ni­ties which serve as an indis­pens­able ref­er­ence point and sup­port, in great con­trast to today’s “at­omized” society where lone­li­ness and deper­son­al­ized rela­tion­ships are the norm; and it is inte­gral in the sense that all the dimen­sions of life are embraced and chal­lenged, pro­ducing in the member a com­plete sense of belonging.” Archbishop Rilko – Ecclesial Movements and New Communities

Our prayer, our way of relating to each other, our way of working, our way of going out with friends, our way of raising our chil­dren will take on the color of the charism of com­pas­sion.

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