• September 7, 2018

Miracle of Reconciliation

by Kari S., on mis­sion in Ecuador

     One day, we found out that Leigha, one of our teenage friends, had left home to move in with her boyfriend. This cre­ated a deep wound in her mother’s heart and the two of them went two weeks without talking to each other or even greeting each other in the street. Mili and I invited Leigha to cook with us one morning and on the way to the house Leigha told Mili that she needed our help. She wanted to talk to her mom but wasn’t sure how to go about it or what to say. Mili and I agreed to help her set up a time to talk to her mom in our house, on neu­tral ground. Her mom agreed and they showed up one Saturday morning. Leigha was ter­ri­fied. She didn’t know what to say and she was ner­vous her mom wouldn’t for­give her for leaving the house. What hap­pened that morning sur­prised us all. After a long, awk­ward silence the con­ver­sa­tion began and resulted in both women asking for and giving for­give­ness. Leigha didn’t return to her house that day but she was able to rec­on­cile with her mom and the two of them were reminded of their mutual love for each other no matter what hap­pens.
     About a month after, Leigha was with the wrong people at the wrong time and wounded up get­ting taken to juve­nile deten­tion. We man­aged to find a way to visit her one day and she was sur­prised to see us. A few weeks after we fond out that she had been released and allowed to go home -to her mother’s house. We were so excited to see her and the hug she gave us is some­thing I’ll never forget.
     Last weekend we invited the whole family over for lunch to cel­e­brate Leigha’s home­coming. Leigha, Milli, Leigha’s sister and I spent the whole morning cooking and preparing the house for lunch. As we were sit­ting around the table I could tell in her mother’s face that she was extremely grateful for our pres­ence in the last few months and that we truly helped bring her family together.

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