• October 29, 2010

Mélanie Delesalle, Development Director

Mélanie Delesalle is the Development Director. She orga­nizes con­fer­ences and cul­tural events, acting as a link with all who wish to share in a cul­ture of com­pas­sion. She is also very involved in the mis­sions in the neigh­bor­hood, espe­cially in the nearby women’s shelter.

After grad­u­ating from Business School of Management in France (ESC Lille), she worked for a con­sulting firm in Paris for three years. She joined Heart’s Home for the first time as a mis­sionary in Argentina in 2003, fol­lowed by a brief second mis­sion in Brazil. In 2005, she rejoined the Paris office as the Development Director of Heart’s Home Europe for four years.

Then she com­pleted a one-year Program in Philosophy and Theology in Toulon and was sent to New-York in September 2010.

She has been a per­ma­nent member of Heart’s Home since September 2007.

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