• August 19, 2014

Maximilian Kolbe Fraternity
born in Honduras

In August 14 we cel­e­brated the Patron saint of all the Heart’s Home St Maximillian Kolbe Fraternities around the world.

This year, our cel­e­bra­tion was filled with the joy of counting one more Fraternity! The Honduran ‘Frat Max’ was born on Sunday July 27 when Orlando, Saray and Gaby made their first com­mit­ments.

During his homily, Fr. Laurent Pavec, from the Molokai Fraternity, reminded them: “Why do you commit today? If you decide to commit to the Fraternity of St Maximillian Kolbe on this day, it is because you have found some­thing that res­onates with you; because you have felt a calling and you have answered to it, since this is exactly what your hearts desire. And this desire is not an idea of yours, but rather the result of an expe­ri­ence that moved your hearts. You are com­mit­ting today because you feel that this is your path and you want to walk it, by the offering of your very selves. You have found a trea­sure, which is this charism of com­pas­sion. In a society where many lose the sense of their lives, where there are so many issues and so much lone­li­ness, you have encoun­tered a charism that helps you stay alert and awake and you want to spread it every­where. And what moves you is not your own willpower, but rather the cer­tainty of being invited to par­tic­i­pate in the very com­pas­sion of God, who loved us first. If you take this step today, it is as an answer to the over­flowing of God’s love for us; You thus take this step for Him, with Him and in Him. "

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