• August 10, 2011

Marian W. - Brooklyn, NY 2011-2012

Hi! My name is Marian. I am a pray-er, artist, dancer, singer, writer, lover of family, friends, food, fit­ness, fashion, vast skies, deep waters, the color purple, any­thing vin­tage, and blush roses.

I am hum­bled and honored to be wel­comed into the Heart’s Home Family as I embark upon my 14-month mis­sion in Brooklyn, NY, this coming October. It is a very unex­pected return to the city sky­line of NYC, where, after receiving my B.A at DeSales University, I lived for 2.5 years, dancing pro­fes­sion­ally and earning my mas­sage therapy license. Upon moving back to my home­town of beau­tiful Lancaster, PA, I breathed a huge sigh of relief, exclaiming, “I will never have to live in that crazy city again!” My, how life is full of sur­prises!

For the past 2.5 years, I have thor­oughly enjoyed the delights of home­town living. Taking root as an adult in my beloved home parish of St. Joseph’s pro­vided sure footing and a safe harbor. My work oppor­tu­ni­ties blos­somed as I taught ballet and modern dance in my old stu­dios and brought the healing arts of move­ment and mas­sage therapy to my sur­rounding com­mu­nity. What a joy! And yet… there grew within me a search for more.

The inces­sant beeps and clicks of tech­no­log­ical gad­gets, run­ning from here to there, and patching together enough jobs to sus­tain myself mate­ri­ally…these took all of my energy until I found myself spi­raling around, sowing non­sense, and lacking peace, for­get­ting what it means to simply be. I was burnt out.

It took a trip to the Far East to bring me home to my heart again. Last June I went to visit my friend Renee, who was on mis­sion with Heart’s Home in Tamil Nadu, India. After working within her mis­sion for 2 weeks, we trav­eled together to Calcutta, where we vol­un­teered with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. My heart was awak­ened and reviv­i­fied by the pure-hearted joy amidst poverty, the time to really look into another’s eyes, and the space for grace to breathe into my being afresh. Learning anew how to BeLoved, to BeLove.

Entering back into my life State-side, I began to feel as though my heart were bursting at the seams. Daily Mass and an ever deep­ening prayer life con­tinued to billow up within me a thirst to be pre­sent and avail­able to the beau­tiful rich­ness and common humanity of the inmates on King Street, my home­less friends on Queen Street, the addicts and broken-hearted, my expanding circle of loved ones in my neigh­bor­hood! However my life did not afford me this luxury – quickly becoming neces­sity – of my heart, of my call.
Heart’s Home whis­pered within me.

A tiny violet flower in God’s strong, gentle Hands, I place all of my trust in His Heart as He brings me home to mine.

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