• June 16, 2010

Marcus J., USA 2010

My name is Marcus Jacobs. I grew up in Indianapolis with my dad, mom, my older sister, my older brother and my two younger brothers. After fin­ishing high school at Cardinal Ritter HS in Indianapolis, IN, I wasn’t sure what to do next. For all rea­sons unknown to me then, I was lost. Eventually, I decided to work for my par­ents until I can figure out a plan for the future. After a few months went by of not having a plan, I went to see my priest at my parish, Holy Angels, to seek advice. Through Father Keneth Taylor’s assis­tance, I was able to find Heart’s Home.

For three months, I will be working at the ICCC in Woodbourne, NY. What I hope to gain from my time as mis­sionary, other than feeling a sort of pride from serving others, is tools that will help me for the next phase of my life whether it be col­lege or quite pos­sibly priest­hood.

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