• March 19, 2010

March 27 - Movie night: Ordet (The Word)

Johannes, the youngest brother, out of his mind

Our monthly movie night in Brooklyn: Ordet, directed and pro­duced by Carl Theodor Dreyer (1955)

A Danish farmer’s family is torn apart by faith, love and tragedy - one child believes he’s Jesus Christ, a second pro­claims him­self agnostic, while the third falls in love with a fun­da­men­talist’s daughter.

Recognized as a mas­ter­piece of cinema, “Ordet” (The Word) is a chal­lenge to faith and reason, both put in crisis by the reality of death and tragedy. Layering mul­tiple sto­ries of faith and rebel­lion, Dreyer’s adap­ta­tion of Kaj Munk’s play qui­etly builds towards a shat­tering, mirac­u­lous climax.

A dis­cus­sion will follow the screening.

For further information, please contact Paul Anel

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