• January 29, 2016

Makoto Fujimura

MAKOTO FUJIMURA, born in Boston in 1960, is an award win­ning artist, writer and speaker. He studied tra­di­tional Japanese painting at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, first com­pleting an MFA and then as a National Cultural Affairs Scholar.

Mastering the Nihonga tra­di­tion, he has worked to infuse it with a deeper sense of suf­fering and con­so­la­tion. His book Silence and Beauty: Endo, Japan and Christ is the inspi­ra­tion for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming movie Silence (release date 2016). With an immense love of Japan, he helped to found the Heart’s Home there in 2012, saying: "The Japanese people are in dire need of com­pas­sion, but they don’t know how to express it. They need someone to teach them."

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