• September 6, 2018

Maddie A. - from Idaho to Argentina

Seeing with the eyes of Christ, I can give to others much more
than their out­ward neces­si­ties;
I can give them the look of love which they crave.

Excerpt from Deus Caritas Est, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

When I first was intro­duced to Heart’s Home, I heard a burning answer in myself that said: “Yes! This is real, this is what cor­re­sponds to the desire in my heart.”

Since grad­u­ating col­lege, I’ve spent the last three years working as a reg­is­tered nurse at a hos­pital in Boise, Idaho. Every day I encounter suf­fering, and with each person it is real, unique, and painful. I wonder, “What is my response? What can I pos­sibly offer in the face of that which can seem barren, defeating, and mean­ing­less in another’s life?”

Heart’s Home offers a response that has moved my heart. Their charism of being like Mary standing at the foot of the Cross - that is, of simply offering one’s friend­ship and pres­ence to a person with a full­ness of hope in the worth and meaning of that person’s life - strikes me as both humble and full of love and con­fi­dence that God is pre­sent even there. This way of being - fully pre­sent and atten­tive in all aspects of life, sorrow and joy - and of par­tic­i­pating in God’s own mer­ciful life of “being with” those who suffer is what attracts me to Heart’s Home.

I have felt the call to spend a year immersed in this Mission of Hope at the “Puntos Corazon” of Villa Jardin in Argentina and to carry that for­ward in my life and work in what­ever way the Lord asks. While I will not be using my nursing skills during this year, I am con­fi­dent that this expe­ri­ence will teach me much about life and will ulti­mately be a gift to my ability to serve as a nurse in the future.

I am trusting in God to guide my every step and I am trusting that you will be with me on this journey as well. I greatly need your prayer and sup­port. I ask you to join this “net­work of com­pas­sion” within the body of Christ, in what­ever way your heart is drawn.

In grat­i­tude and trust,

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