• January 7, 2018

Loving Joe’s hero

by Grace R., on mis­sion in Argentina

     Throughout my entire mis­sion it had been a struggle for me to love Thomas, to offer him the same com­pas­sion that so readily over­flowed in my heart for his kids. I saw Thomas through my hard, unfor­giving gaze and judged him indig­nantly for the heart­breaking state of his chil­dren whom I love so much. Yet God began to move my hard heart, once again, begin­ning with Joe. Joe loves his dad, maybe for no other reason than that he is his dad. He’s his hero, his number one. Every pic­ture Joe drew in our house, every flower he picked when he accom­pa­nied me to buy gro­ceries, every holy card he got when he went to mass with us, was a pre­sent for his dad. Every time he helped me clean some­thing, he had to go and tell his dad about his new accom­plish­ment. Joe doesn’t look at his dad or ask if he’s worthy of love based on his actions. He looks at him for who he is, “MY dad”, and loves him uncon­di­tion­ally for it. I began to ask myself why can’t I first look at Thomas for who he is? As a child of God. Slowly but surely, Joe taught me to see his dad through his eyes, eyes of love, eyes of for­give­ness.

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