• January 6, 2012

Liturgy of the Sending Forth Mass

Marian’s commitment - October 2011

Rite of Commitment

After the homily the cel­e­brant calls the Missionary and s/he comes and stands in front of the altar. He then asks him/her:

Celebrant: You are answering God’s call to go and serve the poor with Heart’s Home.
Do you agree to receive from the Heart of Jesus the daily graces you will need to answer this call:
by praying the Morning and Evening Prayers together everyday,
by attending, when pos­sible, the Holy Eucharist,
by praying the Rosary together and by having an intense life of prayer and ado­ra­tion?

Missionary: Yes I do, with the help of God.

You are going to live among the poor to wit­ness the Good News.
For the sake of God and your brothers and sis­ters are you ready to:

  • lead a very simple life, without seeking escape
  • keep your heart pure, entirely available for God and for the poor you will serve?

Missionary: Yes I do, with the help of God.

You are going to live within a com­mu­nity. Your com­mu­nity will be a source of strength and con­so­la­tion; some­times of dif­fi­cul­ties.
Do you agree to for­give imme­di­ately when offended, as often as needed?
Do you agree to make any impor­tant deci­sion unan­i­mously?
Do you agree to try to help and to encourage your brothers and sis­ters of com­mu­nity, to try not to com­plain, to cor­rect and always hold all mem­bers of the com­mu­nity in esteem?

Missionary: Yes I do, with the help of God.

Through your com­mit­ment you will become a Member of Heart’s Home, a Catholic Organization of Compassion and Consolation. _ Do you agree to live according to the spirit of the orga­ni­za­tion?

  • a spirit of faithfulness and obedience to the Church,
  • a spirit of service and of zeal,
  • a spirit of joy and of lowliness,
  • a spirit of abandon to the Holy Spirit and of Marian openness
  • a spirit of ecclesial communion?

Missionary: Yes I do, with the help of God.

Handing over the rosary.

The cel­e­brant blesses the rosary before handing it over to the Missionary.

Celebrant: Almighty God, grant that (Name of the Missionary) may pray as con­stantly as pos­sible with this rosary: imploring the Virgin Mary with con­fi­dence, con­tem­plating the mys­teries of Jesus, may s/he put into her life the fruits of his/her med­i­ta­tions in prayer. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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