• December 4, 2014

Little nudges from the Lord

Heart’s Home volunteer at Students’ Fair in Argentina

by Jordan Loe, vol­un­teer in Spokane, WA.

"As stu­dents in Spokane, it is quite often easy to get caught up in the demands of the pre­sent moment. “Now I have to write a paper. Now I have to make dinner. Now I have to rush off to class.” It is a temp­ta­tion to get so focused on our own daily exis­tence that we forget to look up and notice others. We are lucky, how­ever, that our Lord often sends us little nudges to remind us to think of our neigh­bors. Our Heart’s Home expe­ri­enced one such reminder this month.

After a long week of classes and the two shifts that I work on the week­ends are over, I am fatigued. Saturday nights are the only evenings I have to rest, and I often need to go off by myself or have some time with one spe­cial friend in order to feel refreshed for the week to come. I admit that I am often selfish with this time, spending it only with those who are light­hearted rather than devoting it to some of our needier friends. One such night, how­ever, my friend D. and I were going to watch a movie. We were walking along the hallway and we noticed our friend J. sit­ting in a class­room all by him­self. Although I nor­mally would have waved and passed by, some­thing stopped me. D. and I went into the room, greeted J., and on a whim, invited him to watch the movie with us. He seemed happy to oblige us, and we had a beau­tiful evening, talking and laughing. We went home, not thinking too much about it.

Several weeks later, we saw J. again, and J. thanked us for inviting him to spend time with us that night. We did not know that that very night was his brother’s birthday (J.’s brother passed away last year), and J. had been feeling par­tic­u­larly upset and alone when we hap­pened upon him. He had felt com­forted by our pres­ence, even though we did not know the depth of the pain he was expe­ri­encing. I had been jeal­ously guarding my time that night, like I often do, and if it wasn’t for that little nudge from God, asking us to pay atten­tion, per­haps J. would not have received the com­fort he needed in his time of grief. During this season of Thanksgiving, we can only be grateful that God sends us such little reminders to take us out of our­selves , and focus on others. In this, and in all of our bless­ings, we give thanks."

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