• August 9, 2011

“Lisa” M. - the Philippines 2011-2012

My name is Elisabeth “Lisa” and I am from Washington State. I come from a big Mexican family with six sis­ters and five brothers. Since I was a young girl I have always been very empa­thetic towards those who suffer around me. It was not until I was 17 years old that I felt God was per­haps calling me to mis­sionary work. I felt I would work with the poor and suf­fering, but I did not know how. I tried to con­form to what I thought a normal life should be. But for over ten years that call remained in the back of my mind and some­thing in my heart told me one day I would be able to do some sort of mis­sion.

Last fall I began grad­uate school to pursue a Master’s in Social Work. As I sat in my classes and focused on social work, my mind and heart began to cry out for a change. I con­sid­ered one vol­un­teer agency for a while because it was still social work and would involve living in a for­eign land. One reason I did not apply was, the lack of a reli­gious foun­da­tion. I felt I would still feel dis­con­nected to those I encoun­tered because I would not be grounded in prayer. When I men­tioned this to a friend he rec­om­mended I look into Heart’s Home. From the moment I read their mis­sion and watched their pro­mo­tion video, I knew this was a good fit for me. Reading that vol­un­teers pray, attend Mass, Adoration, pray the rosary, and live together sounded like all the things I was looking for. Then reading that Heart’s Home vol­un­teers are God’s pres­ence of love and com­pas­sion among the poor and suf­fering sounded like what my heart cried out for. I liked that as a vol­un­teer I would go out into com­mu­ni­ties and befriend people who are society rejected and saw as worth­less. I knew God had answered my prayers and now lead me to the right orga­ni­za­tion!

The Philippines was a land I never thought I would ven­ture to. But now, I can’t wait to go to Manila! I thank God for this oppor­tu­nity, for I am sure I will learn to love more by this expe­ri­ence.

I thank you for taking the time to read my bio, and ask if you are able to help me with this mis­sion, please do so. I need your prayers and if you are able, your finan­cial help. Do pray and see what God asks of you, for any­thing you give with love will be blessed!!

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