• August 22, 2013

Ligth a Candle

Lighting a prayer candle is a revered custom at Shrines. Each burning flame rep­re­sents the faith of the sup­pli­cant and their fer­vent prayer entrusted to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s loving inter­ces­sion.

If you cannot join us for our Pilgrimage this year, but would still like to entrust your per­sonal inten­tions to our Lady of Compassion, we will be happy to light a candle to your inten­tions at the feet of our Pieta.

Candles dona­tions allow some people from the pro­jects and shel­ters, who cannot afford it, to have their cost cov­ered and join the pil­grimage.

Price: $5 per candle

To have a candle lit, please click here.

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