• April 14, 2016

Lance J. - Chile 2016-2017

I’m Lance. I’m 27-years-old and I’m a worka­holic. Or at least, I would be without a spe­cial mes­senger from God. See, almost every morning on my drive into the city, he’s there. Out in the heat, out in the bitter cold. Usually not in the rain or snow for­tu­nately. I’m not sure his name. I’m pretty sure he’s home­less. And he’s def­i­nitely beg­ging for money, food and a job. The man changes, but since it’s a pop­ular corner there’s almost always a pan­han­dler there. That’s where he sends me God’s mes­sage. That tug on my heart saying “get to know me!” And the echo of those words, “what you did for the least of my brothers, you did for me.”

For so long I’ve always had a reason I couldn’t stop and get to know this home­less man. First it was school. Then it was good work that God had me in like teaching Sunday school or vol­un­teering with a family from my parish. But how free it feels to know God is taking away my busy schedule so I have time to serve him in min­istry as my one and only mis­sion! Not just sanc­ti­fying the world with good work or reaching out to people on the job (as good as that is).

As exciting as it is, there are also fears. Interestingly enough, not of the lan­guage, or my safety, or of having to meet all new people (I’m actu­ally looking for­ward to that part).

When I’m honest my fears are embar­rassing things like boredom. Of missing my job. Of time passing slowly and me being ready to come home months before my mis­sion is over. Of not feeling valu­able when I’m not selling some­thing or gen­er­ating the dollar-sign kind of results. Of missing the world.

That’s why I need your help. Heart’s Home prayed and are sending me to Valparaíso, Chile for 14-months. What a blessing to know God chose me to go on this mis­sion! But now I need you to pray for me too. I need your help to go to Valparaíso and do the work God has planned with our brothers and sis­ters there! It’s a simple mis­sion. To go and be a brother to the poor there. I’ll live in the home, pray for the neigh­bor­hood, visit our friends there, do what is needed of me and tell people about the joy Jesus Christ has brought into my life. I hope you’ll join with me in prayer and receiving my newsletter!

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