• July 18, 2013

Kelsi H. - India 2014-2015

Hello! My name is Kelsi. I come from a rel­a­tively small family con­sisting of one amazing older sister and one incred­ible younger brother and the two most fan­tastic par­ents on the planet. We live in the small town of Elk City, Oklahoma. Things are simple here in Small Town USA and we live a very calm and blessed life. But in just a few short months, I will be leaving my beau­tiful family for a 14 month mis­sion with the poor and suf­fering people of India.

While we always had a Catholic back­ground, my family and I were cold in our faith for many years. In 2010, my father, my sib­lings, and I were all con­firmed as mem­bers of the Roman Catholic Church. Our faith has grown and warmed greatly over the last few years and our lives have com­pletely changed. I espe­cially began to feel the fire of a heav­enly call.

After grad­u­ating from high school in 2010, I chose not to go to col­lege. It just didn’t feel right. In fact, nothing felt right. They say this is normal for young people just out of school but I knew this was dif­ferent. I slowly began to realize that God was calling me to some­thing bigger. Something for His greater glory. Eventually I stum­bled upon Heart’s Home and fell in love with the simple mis­sion of love and com­pas­sion. I knew that, more than any­thing, I wanted to give a por­tion of my life to this cause. I knew that I wanted to sac­ri­fice all of my American com­forts and suffer with our brothers and sis­ters in Christ.

So far, my life has been bless­edly uneventful. While I am grateful for this in many ways, I am ready for an adven­ture! I could not be more pleased with the path that God has laid in front of me. I hope that while in India I may touch and even pos­sibly trans­form the lives of those that I encounter but I know, without a shadow of doubt, that it is they who will trans­form me.

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