• April 30, 2010

Karen, the first-ever Irish Heart’s Home volunteer!

The Heart’s Home family is very glad to wel­come Karen, the first Heart’s Home mis­sionary from Ireland. She will leave in May 2010 for a mis­sion in Manila, Philippines, and will join Leeanne, the first-ever Australian mis­sionary.

Rev. Raphael Gaudriot, a French priest from the Sacerdotal Molokai Fraternity, and Cyprien, a former French Heart’s Home vol­un­teer in India, went to ire­land in March 2010 for Karen’s sending-forth mass.

They gave sev­eral con­fer­ences to make the Irisk know Heart’s Home and its charism of com­pas­sion. They also went to the Youth 2000 weekend, a very famous weekend in Ireland, which gath­ered hun­dreds of young Catholic people.

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