• October 28, 2014

Just an outing?
Oh, no! So much more.

Antonia feeding her baby friend

by Raquel F., Ecuadorian vol­un­teer in Chile

“Many would claim the fol­lowing lines are not even worth writing, because they do not tell of any extraor­di­nary deeds. And nonethe­less, it is pre­cisely in the sim­plicity of such moments as this outing with our friends from Valparaiso that Love shows its extraor­di­nary power.

There were over 50 of us –aged 1 to 69 – to climb all at the same time in a public bus –the driver must have feared the whole neigh­bor­hood was coming aboard! A con­vivial drive that took us to Quebrada Verde Park where we spent sev­eral hours just being together.

We had a picnic, prayed, chatted, played soccer, sang many a song, rocked kids on swings, ran into wooden little houses. We also paid a visit to the park’s ani­mals – sheep, ducks, hens, goats, rams, llamas and many others. What a joy it was for the kids to give each baby animal a name and to feed them some herbs!

As simple a day as that. And yet, by the time we packed yet another bus to ride back home, we knew that some mys­te­rious deep change had hap­pened among us: we had gotten to know each other better and for that reason to love each other more. We had become better neigh­bors and closer friends. We had been reminded how much, as mem­bers of the same Body, we belong to and depend on one other.”

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