• November 3, 2012

Job in Japan

© Fr. Paul Anel

By Fr. Thierry de Roucy, Heart’s Home founder

I have fre­quently vis­ited a country right after it has been greatly destroyed by some catas­trophe. I have dis­cov­ered moon­scapes, moun­tains of waste, people whose suf­fering is abso­lutely unimag­in­able: not only do they lack all of their former belong­ings, but they also have lost all or many of their family mem­bers, their friends and neigh­bors, their jobs, the land­scape that has been nur­turing them ever since they were chil­dren.

What has aston­ished me, beyond this unbear­able sit­u­a­tion, is the incred­ible dig­nity of the people, their will to avoid com­plaining, the strength they deploy to rebuild every­thing. Recently, the French ambas­sador in Japan, Mr. Christian Masset, told us – and he was not the only one - : “I have been to Tohoku five times, and what struck me the most is the noble­ness of its people!” An amazing tes­ti­mony of human strength and, even more, of God’s grace. One day, one of Ofunato’s vil­lagers simply said: “For cen­turies, the sea has given it all to us. In one second, she has taken it all away. It’s only jus­tice. We cannot blame her!” I thought I was lis­tening to the Job of the Old Testament. He was for­giving the sea. He had no grudge against God.

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