• March 15, 2012

Jessica M., El Salvador 2012-2013

When asked how I came to Heart’s Home, my answer begins with a giant smile. What an adven­ture it has been! After sev­eral serendip­i­tous encoun­ters, including the birth of a pre­cious friend­ship with a former Heart’s Home vol­un­teer, my final year as a phi­los­ophy stu­dent at Gonzaga University com­menced with a daz­zling grace: the opening of a Student/Worker Heart’s Home com­mu­nity near campus in August 2011.

Through the oppor­tu­nity to live out the spirit of Heart’s Home in a col­lege envi­ron­ment, I began to better under­stand the trans­forming power of hos­pi­tality and pres­ence, honing in on my com­mu­nity’s favorite beat­i­tude: "Blessed are they who have learned to laugh at them­selves, for they shall never cease to be enter­tained."

It is the joy of a life of love that has drawn me toward the desire of con­tin­uing my journey within the Heart’s Home family. Though I con­sid­ered sev­eral dif­ferent paths to pursue after grad­u­a­tion, the call of Heart’s Home tugged at my heart with a gentle and relent­less vigor. Eventually, I saw with clarity the reality painted by my expe­ri­ence: that the unique beauty of Heart’s Home most strongly cor­re­sponds to the deep­ening desire within me to become “a human being fully alive.”

In October, I will join the Heart’s Home com­mu­nity in El Salvador for four­teen months. I am filled with grat­i­tude to have dis­cov­ered a way of life that stretches every facet of my being and takes a holistic dive into both the beauty and bro­ken­ness of the human expe­ri­ence. I am thrilled for the oppor­tu­nity to enter more deeply into the mys­tery of the Incarnation, the beau­tiful Divine dance – to con­tin­u­ally redis­cover our common human poverty and the gift of Christ’s pres­ence in the world. May the adven­ture of grace con­tinue!

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