• April 16, 2013

Jennifer G. - the Ukraine, 2014-2015

I come from a family of six in cen­tral Minnesota, the oldest of four chil­dren. One of my brothers will be ordained a priest in June, 2013, and he will be pre­siding over the mar­riage of my other brother and his fiancé in October, 2013. My sister is the youngest, studying Art at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Our par­ents are the most loving and sup­portive par­ents we could ever have. They have stood by each of us as we find our way through life and dis­cern our voca­tions.

After what feels like years upon years of waiting for and searching out my voca­tion, I finally took rest, trusted in God, and my heart was opened. “I want to serve!” is what it exclaims! To serve and to love as He calls us to do “for the least of these”. My heart is full, wanting to give to His people. I come from a won­der­fully faithful, gen­erous, and loving family. It is my turn to share what God has so gra­ciously blessed me with: love, com­fort, friend­ship, and family. He is calling me to live this giving of myself in a com­mu­nity in Lviv, Ukraine. I pray that I trust in His call, and for the sup­port and graces nec­es­sary to live out this call.

“To do your will is my delight; my God, your law is in my heart.” Ps 40:9

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