• February 2, 2009

Jazz event

Saxophonist Sedric Choukroun, December 17, 2008.

On last 17th of December, as the tem­per­a­ture was cooling down almost every­where else, an unfor­get­table event occured on Font Street, warming up the splen­didly dec­o­rated hall facing Brooklyn Cathedral. Born in the heart of the slums of Brazil and Argentina, who would have ever thought that, one day, Heart’s Home would also be at the heart of a Jazz Concert in Brooklyn? Yet by the end of that night, the joy shining on the faces of our numerous guests and the artists there would bear wit­ness to this unex­pected con­ti­nuity.

As Father Thierry stated on that night: "Our story tonight comes across another story of friend­ship: I want to speak about the his­tory of jazz, the his­tory of all those who, for decades, fell in love with this music. A music so vivid, so full of com­pas­sion, a music that expresses the human heart in such a pro­found way." Indeed, if there is one thing in common between Heart’s Home, the vibrant har­mony of Lu Reid and his band, the pro­found and moving accords of Marjorie Elliot, and Sedric Shoukroun, and the life-giving songs of Jimmy Norman and his amazing musi­cians, it is an unbeat­able pas­sion for life that embraces with com­pas­sion every dis­so­nant note, every sorrow, every cry.

As rumors of despair spread every­where, let us keep walking hand in hand, and let people expe­ri­ence through our lives and songs, as Marjorie once told me, "a joy that is stronger and deeper than any sorrow."

Paul Anel

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