• January 20, 2010

January 23rd - Movie Night: Yi Yi

Poster of the movie Yi Yi

Our month­ly Movie Night: Edward Yang’s masterpiece: Yi Yi (a one and a two)

"I wanted to make a movie about life, simply life. I wanted to show life in all its depth and width." Edward Yang

In this undis­puted mas­ter­work of the new cen­tury, Edward Yang (+ 2007) tells us the com­plex, inti­mate, and utterly com­pas­sionate por­trait of a family life in Taïwan.

NJ Jian is a busi­nessman facing bankruptcy, but he has to juggle his finan­cial prob­lems with family strife when his mother-in-law falls into a coma. His wife, Min-Min, brings her mother home, and each family member - including daughter Ting-Ting and her delightful little brother Yang-Yang - spends hours talking to the old lady. These con­ver­sa­tions become con­fes­sionals and the char­ac­ters grad­u­ally unveil the rea­sons why they live, their hopes. Or their empti­ness and pow­er­less­ness. No catas­trophic con­flicts, only the ordi­nary, some­times trou­bled, unfolding of lives. Yi Yi is almost three hours long, but it flies by...

"I would like people to get out of the the­ater with the feeling they just met a friend." Edward Yang

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