• November 28, 2017

Jack J. - on mission in Ecuador

There was a day, three years ago, where I saw an oppur­tu­nity for Christ to show him­self to me and I took it. That day is the day that has forever changed my life. That day I chose to take part in a mis­sion trip to Zomba, Malawi for two weeks of my life. Those two weeks have shown to me, the out­pouring love that Christ has for every one of us. Love that reaches the deepest of pits and highest of moun­tains. Ever since that day, I have never been able to ignore this call, a call to serve that love from Christ.

I have recently grad­u­ated from high school. During that time of fig­uring out what I am sup­posed to do with my life, I sought out Heart’s Home, having every con­fi­dence that Heart’s Home will help ful­fill my call.

I will be joining the Heart’s Home com­mu­nity in Guayaquil, Ecuador for twelve months, being inspired to live in the pres­ence of Christ, and seeking con­so­la­tion through him. So please pray for me as I follow this call, to seek a unity with Christ and His people.

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