• February 12, 2011

Inner and Outer Building - What’s up at the ICCC?

Sunday night: a little rest before another week of philosophy and construction work

In the last two months the com­mu­nity at the ICCC has grown in a sig­nif­i­cant way: we wel­comed four sem­i­nar­ians to the Heart’s Home Sacerdotal Molokai Fraternity and a sister to the Servants of God’s Presence Community to attend a phi­los­ophy ses­sion.

“We started up with a two-week class on the Doctrine of the Transcendentals given by Fr Jacques Bagnoud of the French Molokai Fraternity. It was based on two of Hans Urs von Baltahsar’s works ’The Glory of the Lord’ and ’The Theo-drama.’ We then had an intro­duc­tory class on Fundamental Psychology, fol­lowed by a two-week ses­sion given by Fr Paul Anel from the Heart’s Home com­mu­nity of Brooklyn. This class was on two modern philoso­phers: Emmanuel Levinas and Martin Buber. We espe­cially looked at their attempt to base ethics in the rela­tion­ship between human per­sons. The sem­inar ended with a class on clas­sical Metaphysics.

In order to put into prac­tice what we were learning in the morning and evening lessons, we spent the day­time out­side com­pleting some con­struc­tion pro­jects. The philo­soph­ical cat­e­gories of ’sub­stance and acci­dents’, ’being and move­ment’, ’nature and tech­nique’, became more obvious and con­crete as the external walls of the house were being cov­ered with exte­rior wood siding despite the cold weather, the snow showers and the freezing rains! Each one of the group went coura­geously on as days passed. In con­clu­sion,  we can say that building the house is an illus­tra­tion to the inner building of the person that the study of phi­los­ophy offers.”

Sister Marie P.

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