• August 15, 2014

India: the Freedom to be Myself

by Savanna, vol­un­teer in the Garden of Mercy, India.

“Every day I grow deeper in rela­tion­ship with the people here, while also growing deeper in rela­tion­ship with the cul­ture. It is truly a growth. I am learning a new way to simply just be and be free. The freedom of who you are is very encour­aged and upheld here in the Garden. The fruit of this freedom that I find within Heart’s Home is an ever increasing love and pas­sion for The Lord and all of His chil­dren. This love is very simple but at the same time it is very raw and honest and truly wills the good of the other person. It is a love that is not near the sur­face, it is very deep; and I am so incred­ibly blessed to be able to learn this love. The gaze of my com­mu­nity when I am speaking or just being with them is a place of rest for me. I truly feel seen and under­stood. In the sense of my spir­i­tu­ality, my true iden­tity, and who I am. Through my com­mu­nity, this land, this way of life, I am being nour­ished. My prayer is just that God con­tinues to open my eyes!

I am just living here. Giving of myself in new ways that are dif­fi­cult but I have learned to do every­thing with joy, because of the love I find here. Every encounter, every expe­ri­ence is some­thing I cherish so greatly. From the begin­ning, I was encour­aged: “Do not lose time! Be pre­sent to every moment, be truly in India, be with the Indians, and immerse your­self.” I have learned this is so impor­tant and I con­tinue to learn every day. The life of prayer here is con­stant. Everything we do here is a prayer, which is so impor­tant to the com­mu­nity. Every dish we wash, every math problem we teach, every con­ver­sa­tion we have, every Mass is a prayer that just pro­pels the com­mu­nity. It is the foun­da­tion of the Garden of Mercy and a sturdy one at that.”

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