• April 28, 2015

From Chengalpet to Melbourne:
the journey ends with a new beginning

by Australian alumnae Chrissy Widrose

"It is still very strange to think that tomorrow night I would have fin­ished my mis­sion here with Hearts home India. I cannot seem to fully com­pre­hend this fact. So many friends and dear ones I leave behind to begin another journey that God has pre­pared for me. I think that one of the impor­tant lessons I have learnt is that of ’being’ – how in every­thing that we are called to do we are also called to ’be’. For me, being is the hardest thing I could think of doing. I have always been a do-er, if some­body is sick I can cook them some food, if some­thing is broken I will attempt to fix it, I can offer advice for someone who is sharing. There were times in my life where I thought that my value depended on the things that I did or didn’t do. In fact this is still a struggle and I sus­pect that I am not the only one who feels this way. It is a very easy ditch to fall into. When I came to Heart’s Home and all of this didn’t matter I found myself faced with the ques­tion- ’who am I now?’ My edu­ca­tion doesn’t matter, our friends don’t care about my qual­i­fi­ca­tions, my looks, my face, or the power I wield at home, only my heart mat­ters. There is a great vul­ner­a­bility here that demands great trust in Him who sent me.

Our friends most of them in their sim­plicity and humility have a way of seeing right into my heart and revealing to me what I can truly strive to be. Their trust in me, their hope and love for me make me want to be more than I am. For me, I see Jesus in them, chal­lenging me to be all that I was cre­ated to be. Could I face the pain of our friends in their suf­fering and poverty without run­ning away inside myself? Could I really see the face of Jesus? I can say that with the grace of God these things slowly became more clear and easier to bear and under­stand. Without mass and ado­ra­tion daily, without sur­ren­dering the lives, hopes and dreams of each person we encoun­tered with open hands, hearts and some­times tears to the Lord, I would not have sur­vived this pow­erful expe­ri­ence. Our friends were to me a ’living’ Jesus, their accep­tance of suf­fering taught me how to ’be’ with God, it taught me faith and courage. It taught me how to sit in the pres­ence of God. Their poverty taught me true freedom and made me think about the essen­tials in life. Their gen­erosity amazed me! Their smiles warmed my heart and their tears wounded me. They are my brothers and sis­ters, mothers and fathers, and I have so many grand­par­ents now, its awe­some. As I start to say goodbye and reflect on the pre­cious time we had together, I realize how much they have meant to me and how much they have changed my life for the better. This mis­sion was a pre­cious time, a priv­i­leged time. A time of great com­fort, love and peace. A time that taught me really see who I am and where I want to be.

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