• May 15, 2009

ICCC Art Seminar - The Art of Being Disciple

“The most important thing to do is really listen” (Itzhak Perlman).

On May 9, a group of 7 head from NY city to the ICCC. Wether artists or just art-lovers we were to spend the day at the school of two of the greatest vio­lonists of this past (and pre­sent) cen­tury: Yehudi Menuhin and Itzhak Perlman... pre­sent with us in spirit if not in body! Two great vir­tuosi, not only tech­ni­cally, but also, as it were, “vir­tuosi of life”. As Dorothy DeLay stated about her teaching rela­tion­ship to young Perlman, “His art would be a reflec­tion of his life”... Yet if they achieved such ful­fil­ment it is not pri­marily through hard working or steady dis­ci­pline. Nor is art merely an innate gift reserved to a small number of people... Contrary to that opinion, the exam­ples of Yehudi Menuhin and Itzhak Perlman reveal us a dif­ferent way into the world of beauty: the way of dis­ci­ple­ship. To achieve great­ness they dared to remain like chil­dren, filled with awe at the sight of beauty, shaping their lives according to the beauty they encoun­tered: wether it was through the scores of great com­posers, in the face of their mas­ters ...any­where!

After the intro­duc­tory talk, the “Art Seminar” pro­ceeded with a slightly dif­ferent insight - a very tasty one- on beauty, thanks to the deli­cious meal pre­pared by Rev. Thierry de Roucy. In the after­noon, we walked up the hill of the ICCC, par­tic­u­larly beau­tiful in this early spring­time, accom­pa­nied by our friend the painter Jorg Madlener. Back home we screened a video on Perlman and klezmer music, way back in Poland where it all started. A dis­cus­sion fol­lowed about “the master”. We need him or her to intro­duce us to art and beauty “by com­pelling example if not by words”, yet how excep­tional the encounter with such a master is! An encounter we long for, an encounter that endows the artist with a new respon­s­ability: that of becoming him­self a master to those still waiting for sup­port and guid­ance. On our way back to New York, the zipcar got filled with joy and laughter, a gen­uine joy that arose from a gen­uine encounter!

Do not hesi­tate to pass by and spend some time at the ICCC, just con­tact the ICCC!

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