• January 29, 2013

ICCC : A Haven of Peace and Work

This winter, some Heart’s Home sem­i­nar­ians and per­ma­nent mem­bers gath­ered at the ICCC for a month of manual work and study. Bruno, Anais and Mariane share with us their expe­ri­ence upstate New York, and raise the ques­tion:

What springs to mind when one says ICCC?

As one crosses the threshold of the house, the very first thing that delights the eye is the warm colors springing from all sides, the works of some artist friends, a stove right in the center of the room from which a soothing flame comes forth, and above all friends; friends who wel­come you with a con­vivial meal. What a con­trast with our first impres­sion of New York by night with all of its exces­sive­ness! Here we are in a human-scaled house, which feels like home, like family. The deep peace of nature sur­prises us: all is white out­doors, all is silent. However, as we walk into the forest, the blows of wood­peckers, the races of deer and the sounds of squir­rels remind us how much this nature is indeed alive. And there is also the light which fil­ters through the branches of the trees and reflects on a beau­tiful frozen lake (fer­tile ground for furious hockey games!) This place is such a haven of peace and an ideal set­ting for work! And work is not lacking indeed: cleaning the forest, gath­ering wood, building up the house; not to men­tion the courses on Metaphysics and Mariology deliv­ered by two of the Heart’s Home priests. Through these courses we learn how to con­tem­plate and have a deeper gaze on reality, on the people sur­rounding us, on nature, on our work, on gra­tu­itous time spent together.

In this mag­nif­i­cent place, we have also made beau­tiful encoun­ters with some of the neigh­bors. In par­tic­ular with A. and her son C. both of whom are artists: they brought some friends and graced us with a pri­vate con­cert in the living room of our house! The small chamber orchestra delighted us with some musical vari­a­tions of Bless the Lord, Brahams and also some of their own com­po­si­tions. Last weekend, too, 8 friends came from New York to join the com­mu­nity for a retreat day preached by Fr. Thierry de Roucy. All of them went home over­joyed and refreshed after this beau­tiful day full of times for sharing and recre­ation. And we remained delighted, as well, at having spent such a won­derful time sur­rounded by many friends!

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