• January 20, 2016

I will not abandon you

by Lindsay White, mis­sionary in El Salvador

The face is the vis­i­bility of the heart. I see many faces and hearts everyday: the faces of chil­dren peering through our window asking to play, the face of a friend laughing and joking with us in the street, the face of a child peering into mine as they run up to hug me in the street. But the face I see the most often is one that says “No me dejarás morir solo.” Don’t leave me to die alone. Don’t abandon me.

In the face of F., a girl of 15 whose mother aban­doned her and her 2 sis­ters when she was only 6, this girl who has so many prob­lems. In her face which tries to appear tough and indif­ferent but whose eyes are often filled with tears. She is saying, “Please, don’t leave me alone. Don’t abandon me.”

In the face of JL, a man of 87 who we bring to the doctor and help mon­itor his med­i­ca­tions. He is a very happy man who loves to work out­side, building boxes and other odds and ends. He has 3 chil­dren but they never visit him. He tells us, “I am so thankful for Heart’s Home because they are the only ones who care about me.” In our friend­ship with him I hear the plea “No me dejarás a morir solo.” Don’t leave me to die alone. Don’t abandon me.

In the teenagers here who turn to drugs, I hear the cry, “My life is so dif­fi­cult. I want some­thing dif­ferent. I want to feel some­thing dif­ferent. Don’t leave me to die alone, please help me.”

Isn’t this the cry of all of our hearts? This is the ques­tion we all ask and Christ answers YES. My mis­sion here is quite simple but also chal­lenging. It is to say with Christ, “I accept you as you are- with all of your prob­lems, with all of your strengths and joys. I am here. I will not abandon you.” I think that the simple fact that our house has been here for 21 years - and hope­fully through the grace of God many more- says that we are here. We are here in the neigh­bor­hood where no one else wants to go. We are not going any­where. We are pre­sent. Christ is here.

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