• February 2, 2009

ICCC: How are the constructions going?

December 1, 2008 was a very impor­tant date in the building pro­cess of the International Center for a Culture of Compassion: the timber frame of the new house was shipped. We had been waiting for this day for such a long time.

As it is in any con­struc­tion work, there was much to pre­pare before the frame could be raised up: con­struc­tion plans had to be drawn, a building permit had to be issued and we spent the whole summer building the road that goes up to the con­struc­tion site, as well as exca­vating the hill in order to install the power and water lines.

At the arrival of the timber frame, the mem­bers of the ICCC and some mem­bers of the Heart’s Home in Brooklyn were ready to be the working team helping both the tech­ni­cian of the wood man­u­fac­turing com­pany and the crane oper­ator. The whole house was raised up in 5 days.

What a gift to see the beau­tiful timber frame at the top of the field! Some of the next con­struc­tion steps have already been taken: we are putting up the panels on the roof and the walls as well as preparing the inside part of the work: par­ti­tion walls, elec­tricity, plumbing,... What an amazing expe­ri­ence to build one’s own house!

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Sister Blandine

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