• July 16, 2013

Honduras: We were enriched by the poor ones.
- A father’s testimonial

Gaby with her parents and sister outside the Honduran
Heart’s Home Center

By Paul Franchois

For five days in June, my wife, our 22-year old daughter and I had the priv­i­lege of par­tic­i­pating in the daily life of our daughter Gaby, who has been a vol­un­teer for the Punto Corazon in Tegucigulpa, Honduras since October of 2012. We got to expe­ri­ence first-hand the charism of hos­pi­tality and friend­ship from Padre Jose and Gaby’s sis­ters and brother of com­mu­nity: Araceli, Marion, and Nicolas. We prayed, cooked, broke bread, and laughed with this loving team, whose spir­i­tu­ality is a beacon of God’s love in the com­mu­nity they serve.

Trailing Gaby during visits with fam­i­lies, in both des­perate shacks and neat con­crete homes, through the winding streets and stair­cases of this hilly neigh­bor­hood sur­rounding the Punto Corazon, we were struck by the always affec­tionate and wel­coming Honduran people, whose devo­tion to family and friend­ship is unmatched. It was evi­dent from the many greet­ings in the streets, how the work of the Punto Corazon is trea­sured in this com­mu­nity.

Above all, the hugs and laughter of the “colonia”’s beau­tiful and affec­tionate chil­dren stay with us. There are con­stant strug­gles in this neigh­bor­hood to main­tain food, clothing and shelter, some­times over­whelming par­ents and chil­dren. But in the end, it was we, who are mate­ri­ally blessed, who were enriched by the wit­ness of Christ’s grace sup­porting his family through the con­stant love flowing between the res­i­dents of the Punto Corazon and their “colonia”.

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