• May 10, 2010

Help us build a Shrine to Our Lady of Compassion!

Help us build a Shrine
to Our Lady of Compassion!

In honor of the 20th anniver­sary of Heart’s Home, we wish to pro­mote devo­tion to the uni­versal figure of com­pas­sion that inspired us throughout these years.

To that pur­pose, we have decided to build, at the International Center for a Culture of Compassion, a shrine ded­i­cated to Our Lady of Compassion.

Celebrated on September 15th, Our Lady of Compassion stands close to 9/11, making this devo­tion par­tic­u­larly mean­ingful in our country.

To build this shrine, we rely on your gen­erous sup­port!

The shrine

  • The overall cost of the shrine amounts to $55,000.

Project & cost details (click here)

The wooden construction project {JPEG}

Construction: $48,000

  • $6,200: foundations
  • $14,000: red cedar structure
  • $8,700: roof
  • $12,000: red cedar siding & framing
  • $5,900: electricity
  • $1,200: interior furniture The sculpture under realisation {JPEG}

    Sculpture: $7,000

  • $2,000: material
  • $5,000: realization

How donors will be remembered

  • Every year on the last Saturday of September, a Mass will be said for the intentions of all donors.
  • All “benefactors” – as individuals or groups – will have their names recorded inside the shrine.

About your Donation (click here)

  • Please remember that donations to Heart’s Home from the United States are 100% tax-deductible, under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • If you want to make your donation by check, please follow these instrutions.
  • Sponsor: up to $ 150 - Patron: up to $1,000 - Benefactor: $ 1,000 & above

Inauguration Pilgrimage : Save the Date !

  • On September 18th, 2010, we are proud to invite you to our Inaugurative Pilgrimage to the ICCC. Come and celebrate with us 20 years of Compassion!

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