• April 8, 2010

Heart’s Home wishes you a Happy Easter !

"Easter is the true sal­va­tion of humanity! If Christ – the Lamb of God – had not poured out his blood for us, we would be without hope, our des­tiny and the des­tiny of the whole world would inevitably be death. But Easter has reversed that trend: Christ’s res­ur­rec­tion is a new cre­ation, like a graft that can regen­erate the whole plant. It is an event that has pro­foundly changed the course of his­tory, tip­ping the scales once and for all on the side of good, of life, of pardon. We are free, we are saved! Hence from deep within our hearts we cry out: “Let us sing to the Lord: glo­rious his tri­umph!”

Benedict XVI’s Easter greet­ings - April 4, 2010

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