• June 15, 2009

World appeal to a new mobilization for childhood

India, 2004.20 years ago, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed by 77 UN member states. Today, the International Catholic Child Bureau (Bice) calls for a renewal of the global mobi­liza­tion towards child­hood. Heart’s Home shares this con­cern and ral­lies to this appeal.

«Current sit­u­a­tion:
There are chil­dren who can no longer smile.
There are chil­dren who are alone in the world.
There are chil­dren who are reduced to eating earth and garbage to ease their hunger.
There are chil­dren who are sold.
There are chil­dren who are used as play­things by wealthy people.
There are ten-year-old chil­dren who are given weapons.
There are chil­dren who are tor­tured.

Heart’s Home mis­sion and Charter are based on this state­ment and the Bice has acknowkedged these facts as well:

«4. Unfortunately, sub­scribed engage­ments are still very far from being respected world­wide (…) 5. Child sol­diers, chil­dren working in haz­ardous and dan­gerous con­di­tions, chil­dren abused, raped, objects of all forms of vio­lence, chil­dren obliged to flee inces­santly away with or without their family due to wars, famines, nat­ural dis­as­ters, chil­dren aban­doned and rejected by all, forced to live in the street, “sor­cerers” chil­dren, without edu­ca­tion, without a country, with no papers...(...) It is urgent to act.».

According to the Bice, this appeal is aimed at states, fam­i­lies, reli­gious leaders, var­ious media and anyone that would feel con­cern with the hap­pi­ness of chil­dren. They are invited to con­sider each child in his entire reality. A child is a human being who is born, raised and blos­soms within a family. Granting a spe­cial atten­tion to fam­i­lies is cru­cial as they are meant to be their first teachers in life. It is nec­es­sary to help the fam­i­lies through con­crete means and imple­men­ta­tions, to sup­port them, to high­light their role so that they can better ful­fill their duty.
The states must not replace fam­i­lies. Not only it is unre­al­istic, it would also be harmful and coun­ter­pro­duc­tive for the devel­op­ment of a child. The states should instead sen­si­bi­lize the fam­i­lies to the human rights and edu­cate them in this way. This should be led not by being moral­istic or con­de­scending but rather by encour­aging ini­tia­tives and adopting a con­sid­erate atti­tude inspired by good man­ners.

Beside growing up in a family, a child builds up his per­son­nality in a country and according to a cul­tural back­ground. This envi­ron­ment has thus to be valued to let the child develop him­self har­mo­niously. But every­thing has to be done, in turn, so that the child real­izes he is also account­able for his actions to his par­ents, his edu­ca­tors, his country. It is impor­tant not to turn the child into a «little king». This would be denying the fact that he is a respon­sible being, someone able to endorse his respon­s­abil­i­ties in accor­dance with his age and per­sonal abil­i­ties.
It is def­i­nitely impor­tant not to forget the spir­i­tual dimen­sion of the child, which is the main cause of his emi­nent dig­nity. A child must be given the oppor­tu­nity to achieve all his poten­tial­i­ties, and first of all to reach a total com­mit­ment. In fact, the human being is above all a rela­tion­ship being. In addi­tion to his rela­tion­ship with the others, the nec­es­sary rela­tion­ship with God has to be rec­og­nized.

Concrete mea­sures must be imple­mented in order to abide by all the pre­vious com­mit­ments under­taken by the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity. Heart’s Home orga­ni­za­tion is fully involved in world appeal to a new mobi­liza­tion for child­hood.

Heart’s Home mis­sion­aries daily dis­cover through their expe­ri­ence that chil­dren are an incom­pa­rable source of wealth. They are our mas­ters thanks to their gen­uine look over the world: a fas­ci­nated look, full of hope in the future. The inno­cence, the capacity to love in gra­tuity and to trust are incred­ible res­sources a child can offer.

Each child rep­re­sents the future of the world, it would be crim­inal to hurt them. The Heart’s Home Movement is a response to this mil­lion of chil­dren’s call. Even today, this call has to ques­tion us, and make us act!

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Candy, a friend of the St Rafqâ Heart's Home, Lebanon, 2005
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